9/18/14 WOD

Easy day is easy~


  • Bent over rows: 10x45#; 3x10x55#
  • Ring dips: 2x5 unassisted (!); 2x10 with purple band


  • 10 —> 1 burpee dumbbell deadlifts
  • 1 —> 10 box jump overs

8:13 with two 30# DBs. Wasn’t too far behind the guys with this one - Donavan used 35s, and Geronimo used 40s. Whenever I can creep up that close to whatever weight they’re using (which is hardly ever) I get pretty happy. Unbroken + fastest time of the day.

institutionalized theology rant v. 2

My mom asked whether we’d had any group discussion in our required Bible course, and I said no, of course not. It’s partially because we only have a 30:00 period for that but I think a bigger reason is because the material is so shallow that there isn’t anything to discuss. Most of the kids have a very bland attitude towards the whole thing. It’s not even that the theology being taught is wrong — it’s that there’s hardly any of it!

In my history and literature courses last year (at co-op) the entire class would get so excited; we’d go off on rabbit trails and tangents and have as intellectual of conversations as high schoolers could have. It wasn’t that we had a group of particularly opinionated kids, but we were studying material with so much depth and content that discussion was unavoidable (see: those few weeks when I could never stop talking about/analyzing out loud the Screwtape Letters).

So the fluffy theology is being spoon fed to us, which seems a bit indirectly oppressive to me, not in a ‘forcing you to believe this’ way but ‘oh my god, how are you ever going to teach these kids to think for themselves if all you do is cram facts without logic into their brains and not allow them to discuss it with each other?’ The phrase that comes to mind is intellectual malnutrition…

I almost feel sorry for the kids with the glazed over eyeballs in our half an hour of sugarcoated, oversimplified doctrine…there’s so much more out there that you can get excited about! IT IS NOT SO BORING! LET ME SHOW YOU THE DEEP GOOD STUFF!

In any case, WOW, I did not anticipate this newfound gratefulness for the content-rich education my parents brought me up on/gratefulness for allowing my brain to develop on its own schedule and gain understanding in the process.

9/17/14 WOD

Not a lot to say on this one, but:


  • 5x5x150#


  • 400m run
  • 15 OHS 95/65

16:12 @ 45#. I went completely unbroken on the OHS which makes me speculate what would have happened had I bumped it up to 55#.

If this doesn’t scream ‘pace yourself’ I don’t know what does. I really tried to hold myself back on the first two 400s so that I didn’t hit a wall further on. Shay and I went neck and neck the entire way, ran the first 3 rounds together, and finished within 12 seconds of each other (16:24 for her, also at 45#)!

I tightened up my left wrist wrap too tight and my thumb has been asleep and tingly for two hours.

Baby food, snap peas, kombucha, and cats, per usual

I am welcoming this big scary book into my life which will probably have a profound impact on how the next ~6 years go

I ran into someone who I ~broke ties~ with about 6 months ago and our interaction went surprisingly well, although it doesn’t mean we’ll be talking regularly again. I’m just glad I handled it calmly and didn’t make anything awkward.

Not much to report. Happy Wednesday.

9/16/14 WOD


  • 5x10x75#

The only time I wish I had bigger boobs is while bench pressing and being yelled at to touch my chest with the bar. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn my tightest sports bra today. I got these down far enough. I thought I was going to have to move down to 65# for a couple of sets but stayed with 75 the whole way.


  • 12 S2O 135/95
  • 15 wall balls 20/14
  • 50 DU 
  • 100m run

17:21 @ 75# and 14#.

  1. Push jerking is my friend. I will repeat this to myself over and over until I accept it. I hate push jerking, but god, does it make things so much easier.
  2. Scott’s been making me do wall balls during warm ups with a 20# ball (sheesh), which makes metcon wall balls with 14# seem light.
  3. Also, I’m pretty sure I went to the bathroom 3 times in 45 minutes before this, and still peed my pants while DU-ing. AM I HYDRATED YET???


- Julie, awesome person who I met in week 2, is leaving school to be homeschooled again — ironically, for the same reason why I came to this school (learning styles, socialization, course choices). So…here goes another attempt at finding friends jaunt. (YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE!)

+ ‘I’m really glad you want to major in something normal now.’ - my mom this morning.

- I read through all my July-September WOD logs and on one hand I was ecstatic to notice I’ve stacked 30# onto my deadlift, but on the other hand realized I’ve definitely been half-assing squat days (cringing disappointment). For the next 6 weeks I need to change this (not that my legs are in urgent need of more power; I’ve just been squatting 10-20# lower than I should be) so that in 46 days my FS/BS endurance is not a total shambles. (This is just in case there’s a 20RM event like there was last year — which really freaks me out — but even if I wasn’t competing I should still be working on this. SO.)

+ I forgot to mention this earlier but I’m playing the Borodin SQ 2 with a quartet starting this Sunday (the entire piece)! I’ve been wanting to play it for a whole now so I’m v excited

+ I’m trying to snack snack instead of coffee snack and so far I feel 100x less buzzed and 100x more properly fueled/not jittery/STABLE. More food, pls.

- I caved and had a PSL yesterday. The good news is it wasn’t nearly as yummy as I remembered.

+ I did an unsupported HSPU on accident today.

9/15/14 WOD

A very nasty first WOD of the week…


  • 4x10x45#

Front squat:

  • 3x10x85

Lol @ sets of 10. Can we not do this volume thing anymore?

Nasty Girls
3 RFT:

  • 50 air squats
  • 7 MU/7 burpee pull ups
  • 10 hang cleans 135/95

11:34 @ 85#. I wore my grips. I should not have worn my grips. I didn’t need them for the burpee pull ups and had the most terrible time holding onto my HPC. 

Can we talk about how Firefighter Jeff (previously known as 6-pack Jeff, RIP awful nickname) finished this in 10-something RXd this morning, then came back six hours later and did it in 8-something RXd this evening? Some people here…what even.

Also: I tried this and now I’m addicted.